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Poster: Date: Jan 22, 2008 2:22am
Forum: netlabels Subject: [phoke47] v.a. - mooncake

Between improvisation, art, home-recording and academic music studies the "experts" of Dresden City as well as friends from London, Leipzig, Berlin, Vilnius and Montevideo meet the second time to give some presentation of the state of affairs 2007/2008. We look back at 2007 and at the same time forward in to 2008.

Tracks by: Trans Alp, Idhren, Bad Comfort, Graues Neutral, Escape Now!, Kern, Ð, Eisenberg, Solar Sound Network, Phundamental, Noise-Beyond-Silence, parmon, Madstyle, Mr. Incognito, deftype, Kryptic Universe, Tinitus, Alec Troniq, Abyssal Plains, anaxy, Enzym, John Burno, Al Magnifico, Monostabil

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